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10 Class Pass Auto Renew Contract

Automatic renewal
This pricing option rewards users a discounted price on the 10 class pass in return for commitment of automatic renewal.

Minimum requirements
This contract has a minimum term of 2 x 10 class passes. This is a rolling contract and will automatically renew indefinitely until the user terminates the contract. Renewals will take place once all 10 classes on the pass have been used or after 4 months (whichever comes sooner).

Users are permitted to terminate their contract once the initial requirement of 2 passes has been fulfilled. The termination form should be submitted online no later than 7 days in advance of the next renewal. See termination form.

Early termination
If the user wishes to exit the agreement early without fulfilling the minimum contract requirements, an early cancelation fee of £30 will be chargeable.

Usage and unused classes
Passes cannot be used by, or transferred for use by, any other user. Remaining classes on an unused pass will not be transferred to future passes.

Late payments
Renewals are charged to the users credit/debit card information held on file. If due fees are not paid within 10 calendar days a £20 late payment fee will be chargeable.

Injury, sickness, pregnancy
Should the user be unable to attend classes, they are required to provide evidence from their registered GP. These cases will be assessed on an individual basis and suspension/termination fees may be chargeable.

Booking and cancellation policy
Class passes do not guarantee a space in the class. Users need to pre-book their classes as normal and must abide by the studios booking and cancellation policy.

General terms and conditions
Users must abide by the studios general terms and conditions.

All sales are final
Refunds are not permitted for any reason.