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14 Day Cleanse


14 Day Cleanse Programme with Certified Health Coach Jill Martin

25th January - 8th February 2020

14 day cleanse package: £65
or 14 day cleanse package with 14 days of studio yoga classes: £95

If you are an existing member or pass holder choose the 'cleanse only' price

Transform your health and feel amazing!
This 14 day cleanse will help you to increase energy levels, rid yourself of toxic substances and refuel your body with healthy nutrients - nourishing you from the inside out. You’ll clean up your diet and develop conscious awareness of the foods and substances which impair your wellbeing, and how to maximise the ones that boost energy and promote healing. You’ll be given recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as ideas for snacks and treats, all of which will satisfy your hunger in a healthy and sustainable way, plus be part of a like minded community to help you make real change.

If you are looking to enjoy delicious and nutritious foods without counting calories, want to balance your blood sugar levels and insulin levels, want to stop your cravings once and for all, and you want to unlock the energy you dream of, then this is the programme for you! 


Benefits of the cleanse:
Feel cleaner, lighter and more positive
Increase your energy levels
Gain control over cravings
Cut out addictions like sugar and caffeine
Boost your digestion and immune systems
Reduce IBS, bloating, constipation and gas
Improve your sleep
Get clear vibrant skin
Balance hormone levels and improve sex drive

How does the cleanse work?

Pillar 1: 3 Phase Cleanse
Phase 1: 2-Day Pre-Cleanse Prep
The cleanse will start with a 2.5hr opening session at the Crystal Palace studio (on Sun 9th June 2pm) where you will get all the information you’ll need to start cleaning up your diet. You’ll set intentions for the programme, get clear on how the programme will work, learn how to shop for the ingredients, and get tips on avoiding common cleansing mistakes so that you’re set up for success. (You’ll also get some pre-programme instructions prior to day 1 so you can start to clear out your kitchen cupboards and get your head prepared for the cleanse.)


Phase 2: The 7-Day Cleanse
Then you’ll enter the main part of the cleanse. You’ll follow the elimination diet plan and recipes, body cleanse practices, and reflect and share your experiences with the group. You’ll get guidance from Jill on changes you may experience in your body and how to handle any cravings that show up. You’ll follow a super nutritious and clean hypoallergenic diet, where you can eat as much as you like within the guidelines.

Phase 3: 5 Day Re-Introduction
Coming out of the cleanse is one of the most important phases where you’ll discover any food sensitivities and intolerances you may have. Learnings will be cemented through a final 1.5 hr closing session (on Sun 23rd June at 2pm), where you’ll reflect on the process and set out an ongoing diet that best serves the unique needs of your body.


Pillar 2: Regular yoga practice
For best results, the cleanse should be coupled with a regular yoga practice as exercising and sweating will massively improve your health and energy levels, and encourage your body to rid itself of toxins. If you’re not already a pass or membership holder with The Yoga Edge, you can add a 14 day studio yoga pass to co-inside with your cleanse. You should attend yoga classes at least 3 times a week, ideally more, and you’ll also get recordings to practice to at home for when you can’t make it to class.

Pillar 3: Breathing and Meditation
Stress creates a huge amount of toxic chemistry within the body which leads to many of the illnesses experienced in our modern lifestyle. The main aim of the cleanse is to minimise toxins in the body both from the food you eat and negative emotions. By practicing breathing and meditation techniques regularly you’ll get your body and mind out of ‘flight or flight’ and become calmer, which will help switch on your body’s natural healing abilities.

Pillar 4: Accountability, Community & Support
At the opening session you’ll meet other participants and tap in to the power of the group, set goals and uncover a deep motivation. Throughout the program you’ll be a part of a private Facebook group community where you'll be given daily guidance and support, get your questions answered and be coached on any questions that come up.


About Jill:
This programme is led by certified Health Coach, Jill Martin, who has an extensive knowledge of diet and nutrition, combined with a love of yoga and mindfulness. South London based, Jill has been working in the wellness and yoga industry for over 10 years helping students and yoga teachers implement simple but effective changes to radically improve their health and wellbeing.

Jill became serious about her own health when she suffered a burn-out in her late 30s which led her on a pursuit to find a natural way to cope with the stresses of her work. She’s now passionate about helping others achieve good health even with the demands of busy modern life in a way that is achievable and sustainable. Alongside diet and nutrition, Jill has also studied homoeopathy and worked in the complementary medicine industry, so her approach is deeply holistic and grounded in the belief that the body is able to heal itself.

Package includes:
2.5hr cleanse opening session to kick start the challenge on Saturday 25th January 2020 2-4.30pm
Cleanse manual with eating guide incl. recipes and meal plans, cleanse enhancing activities and tips to cope with challenges
Private facebook group to get videos, support and guidance from Jill, ask questions, and share ideas/recipes
Guided meditation and breathing recordings
14 day yoga pass at The Yoga Edge studios (optional extra)
1.5hr cleanse close session to reflect, cement learnings and celebrate on Saturday 8th February 2020 2-3.30pm


The opening and closing sessions will be held at the Crystal Palace studio. If you choose to add yoga to your package you can attend classes at either the Crystal Palace or Streatham studios. 

14 day cleanse package: £65
or 14 day cleanse package with 14 days of studio yoga classes: £95

If you are an existing member or pass holder choose the 'cleanse only' price

Deposit required on booking of £25 (or £55 if with yoga)
The remaining balance due 2 weeks before the start paid directly to Jill
All payments are non-refundable


Q. Does the cleanse involve any fasting?
No. The cleanse is designed to nourish you and satisfy hunger cravings in a healthy way, so there are none of the feelings or hunger associated with a fast. Fasting is a great way to cleanse or lose weight dramatically, but is best done when you can fully remove yourself from the stresses of daily life. Fasting also doesn’t help you create a healthy diet that you can maintain. This cleanse will help you figure out a diet that is optimal for your body’s unique needs, and which will become part of a healthier lifestyle.

Q. Will I be given recipes for what to eat during the cleanse?
Yes, you’ll be given recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as ideas for snacks and treats. All these recipes are designed to be tasty, satisfying and nourishing.

Q. Will I need to cut out caffeine and sugar?
Yep – processed sugar is at the root of many 21st Century physical and mental illnesses, so you'll cut it out. As you nourish your body and balance your blood sugar you'll find your cravings disappear. Caffeine causes a lot of stress in your body and stops you being able to connect to your real energy levels, so you'll also cut caffeine out during your cleanse. 

Q. Will I lose weight during the cleanse?
Most people lose ‘toxic’ weight during a cleanse. During a fast, you will lose weight because you are drastically reducing your calorie intake. This 14 Day Cleanse is not concerned with counting calories, starving or depriving you, but rather minimising your toxic input, nourishing you and giving your body support to clean and heal.

As your body cleans itself you will lose fat associated with inflammation and toxicity, as well as any water retention caused by grains and hormone imbalances. The amount of weight you lose will be unique to you, and will be sustainable as you uncover conscious eating habits.

Q. Will I be hungry on the cleanse?
You’ll be given recipes for cleansing and healthy meals and snacks. We’re aiming not only to cleanse your body but also create sustainable healthy eating habits. Hunger and deprivation increase the likelihood of you reaching for sugar, carbs and toxic treats, so nothing is gained from you being hungry, and our aim is for you to feel nourished and satisfied during the cleanse. Most likely your appetite will naturally reduce as you nourish your body to a greater extent. 

Q. Can I eat meat on the cleanse?
We recommend that the cleanse is vegan, however, it is possible for you to eat small amounts of fish or chicken without having a negative effect on the cleanse.

Q. I think I have some food sensitivities, will I discover what these are?
Yes, phase 3 of the cleanse includes a reintroduction plan, which starts with the 2 most common irritant foods. You’ll reintroduce these to your cleaner body and see how it responds. You can continue to follow the same process with other foods to see if your body tolerates or reacts to them.

Q. Can the cleanse be done during pregnancy or nursing?
As we don’t know how clean your diet currently is, or the toxic load you’re carrying, we don’t recommend you do this cleanse if you are pregnant or nursing. Any toxins released will find their way through the placenta or in to your milk, so it is best to wait until later.

Q. What if I already have a pass or membership for yoga classes?
If you already hold a pass/membership with The Yoga Edge choose the ‘cleanse only’ price at checkout which is cheaper. If you don’t already hold a pass/membership choose the ‘with yoga’ price and get 14 days of yoga to co-inside with your cleanse and get the most out of the programme.