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About Us

The Yoga Edge was set up by studio owner and teacher trainer Tom Hamilton in 2012, to equip the people of London with a challenging and powerful yoga style that speaks to the heart. We started off with a single weekly class on a Tuesday evening and since then, as our community and teaching team have grown, we were able to secure our own studio space in the heart of Crystal Palace. Today our large collection of Hot Dynamic Yoga classes are all heated, helping you get deeper into poses.

The classes and teachers are friendly and approachable and cater for everyone no matter what stage you're at. We hold dedicated sessions for beginners for those brand new to us and experienced level classes for those wanting to turn up the challenge.

Teachers at The Yoga Edge create a safe haven in amongst the busyness of our lives where you can step out, recharge and then carry on with the rest of your day with a spring in your step. We believe the more you practise the better you feel, so come and join us on our fantastic intro offer of 30 days for £40 - available to all newcomers.

The Yoga Edge is a place where you can find inner peace, amusement and great people. I really recommend this studio as the teachers are friendly, real professionals who are always keen to help students. I can’t wait to attend another class!!!
Alice Strazer
I’m very pleased with the teachers’ friendly style and the energy which they generate. The speed at which you can learn and the room is perfect. I wish I had come across The Yoga Edge years ago as the benefits to my wellbeing have been amazing. I’m very grateful to your team.
Dennis Brown