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Bronze Membership Contract (2015-18)


Contract duration and automatic renewal
This contract is effective for an initial period of 2 months from the contract start date and will automatically renew on a month by month until the user cancels.

Summery of terms

  • 2 month minimum commitment with auto renew for subsequent months

  • Suspension and termination fees may be chargeable

Please read and agree to the following contract terms and conditions

1. This pricing option entitles the user to attend unlimited studio yoga classes with The Yoga Edge, to include studio classes and to exclude workshops, immersions, events, retreats, rooftop yoga, teacher training and online videos.

2. This contract has a minimum term commitment of 2 monthly payments. This is a rolling contract and will continue month by month after the initial 2 month period until the user terminates the contract.

3. User must complete the termination form if they wish to cancel the agreement, the link to which can be found on the company website contact page.

4. By entering into this agreement, the user will provide a valid debit/credit card that they are the account holder of, for authorisation and monthly payments of this contract. If payments fail to authorise for any reason, the user will be notified by email immediately. The user must update their card details/billing information immediately by logging into their account or by phone. If settlement of the due fees are not completed within 10 calendar days of the original failed payment date, a £20 late payment fee will be chargeable.

5. If the user wishes to suspend the membership agreement (i.e. for a holiday or business trip) they can do so by completing the suspension form, the link to which can be found on the company website contact page. Users are permitted to suspend their membership contract for a period of up to three months, on a maximum of two occasions over a 12 month period of membership. During this suspended period a suspension fee will be chargeable to the user. Suspension fees are as follows. Up to 1 month: £20, up to 2 months £40, up to 3 months £60. Suspended periods do not count towards the minimum term of the contract that the user needs to fulfil.

6. Extensions, unpaid suspensions, cancellations or refunds will not be issued for injury, sickness, pregnancy or sick leave of any kind.

7. No deposit is required for this contract.

8. If the user wishes to exit the agreement early without fulfilling the minimum contract term, an early cancelation fee is chargeable at £50. By entering into this agreement you agree for The Yoga Edge to charge this cancellation fee to your payment method on file if applicable.

9. This membership agreement entitles the user to receive membership perks as displayed on the prices page of the company website. These perks and their values are subject to change at any time.

10. By entering this contract the user is an agreement and will abide by the company terms and conditions which is available on the company website.

11. The Yoga Edge reserves the right to change the terms and wording of the contract, to include prices and benefits of the membership contract, at any time and with short notice. Users will be notified of any changes to the agreement via email.

12. The Yoga Edge reserves the right to change, cancel and/or substitute yoga classes at any time.

13. This membership contract agreement does not guarantee users a spot in class. We recommend users book their place in class online in advance. Users should turn up at least 5 minutes before class or their reserved spot may be offered to a waiting student.

14. The user may not cancel their membership early due to relocation of The Yoga Edge classes/studio within a 5 mile radius of its current location. The Yoga Edge will endeavour to communicate any plans of relocation, however will not be held responsible for any inconvenience due to moving locations. The user will continue to be bound by the terms of this contract until the minimum term of the contract comes to an end and the user follows the termination procedure.

15. The user will continue to be bound by the terms of this contract, should the The Yoga Edge classes/studio be affected by force majeure to include but not be limited to any natural disasters, fire or act of god, and any contractual and legal obligations which may require the classes/studio to be relocated or to be shut for an indefinite period. The Yoga Edge will endeavour to provide replacement classes should any of these cases arise, however cannot be held responsible for such incidents and inconvenience caused.

17. Members are restricted to pre-booking a maximum of one class per day. Those users who wish to attend multiple classes in one day are welcome to do so, however only the users first class of the day may be pre-booked and subsequent classes may be attended only if there is space in the class.