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The Yoga Edge rewards programME

Earn points with Perkville every time you take a class with us, post on Facebook or Twitter, refer a friend and more. Points equal rewards! Exchange points for classes or workshops for you or a friend. Simple! See below for the break down of all the ways to earn and redeem points.

How to join:

Once you attend your first class with us, you'll receive a welcome email from Perkville to sign up and start collecting points. Alternatively sign up to Perkville and make sure you use the same email address as you do for your account with The Yoga Edge.


Share your experience with the world! To redeem points for tweets you'll need to post via the Perkville website or the Perkville app for the points to be allocated.

Make sure you register with the same email address you use with The Yoga Edge.

FREE 1 Mat & 1 Towel Rental

CLASS £5 Off Voucher

FREE 1 x Coconut Water (Any 330ml)

WORKSHOP £10 Off Voucher

FREE Intro 30 Days for a Friend

FREE 1 x Grip Mat Towel

FREE 1 x Free Private Yoga Session

How to claim your reward

When you've saved enough points, login to your perkville account and redeem your reward. You'll then get a voucher you can print off or simply show on your phone at reception. If your reward requires an advance booking like a class or workshop, please email us to book once you've redeemed your reward.


Join rewards program


Refer a friend

Workshop attended

Class attended

Bonus reward for attending 20 classes in one month