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Application Form

200-Hour DYNAMIC YOGA Teacher Training

All answers on your application form will be kept strictly confidential, and only viewed by the programme trainers and supporting staff. By completing and submitting this application form you agree with and will abide by The Yoga Edge Teacher Training Terms & Conditions (click to open link in new window)

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Injuries & Health
Becoming a powerful yoga teacher is about being authentic and honest. Start this journey now and be completely honest with the following questions. Please don't underestimate.
Yoga Practice, Experience & Lifestyle
i.e. workshops, retreats, immersions, other teacher trainings
Final Payments & Terms & Conditions
Once you've submitted this form there will be a link for you to make payment of your deposit (if you've not done so already). Your application will be considered once both your deposit and application form have been received (which may take up to 14 days). More information and/or a phone interview may be required.
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