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Dive Deeper Yoga Teacher Training (CET)


The Yoga Edge CET (Continuing Education Training) is for yoga teachers or yoga practitioners to connect with a deeper level of practice, energy and healing. A place to explore and develop your personal yoga practice and your teaching in a supportive and playful environment.

Held once a month, these 'urban retreat' like immersions allow you to step out of your routine for a day to ground, grow and connect. 



Each day has a unique theme taught by our dedicated team of trainers. The mornings are focused on going deep into specific practices which may be explored through ceremony, chanting, meditation, intention setting, and asana/pranayama practice. In the afternoon you will refine these skills and explore how they will enrich your teaching, practice and life, for example through teaching practice, sequencing, feedback, assisting, massage, journaling, energy work and use of voice. 

Yoga teachers from any style are welcome on this programme. We also invite non yoga teachers to join us who have a regular practice, are bodily aware and are comfortable doing deeper work on themselves.

The Dive Deeper CET is a 6 day programme spread over six months (one day per month), however, the days are stand alone and so this programme can be booked either as a package of all 6 days or individually.



These programmes will be held at The Yoga Edge studio in Crystal Palace, South London. All days are 9-5pm (with a 2 hour lunch break from 12-2pm).


£600 for all 6 days (or book individually for £120/day). Please note that all payments are non-refundable. Members discounts do not apply to trainings.


Pre-application to this course is not necessary. Attendees will be required to complete health and waiver declarations prior to each training day. To book, please use the online booking buttons below.


Art of Successful Backbends with Jambo Truong - Thu 17th Aug 2017


Learn all about how to build up to safe and successful backbends with Jambo Truong. Drawing on principles of Forrest Yoga, Biomechanical Medicine and Functional Anatomy, Jambo will break down all of the subtleties within the therapeutic components of backbends to set you up for a deeper and more advanced backbend practice. 

The morning will consist of yoga ceremony and an intensive asana class so that you can free up your spine and experience the strength and freedom of a successful backbend practice. In the afternoon, you will go deeper into the anatomical explanation of effective backbends, powerful cues and hands on assists so that you can enhance your own practice and serve others as a teacher. 

This immersive day on backbends is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more and grow their practice, as well as yoga teachers looking to grow their understanding of the anatomy and safe alignment and assists for backbends. To book see below. Read more about our trainers here.

Discover the magic of breath with Vanessa Dietzel - Tue 12th Sep 2017

Vannesa Dietzel Breathwork Pranayama - The Yoga Edge Teacher Training

Our breath is an incredibly powerful tool for stepping out of habitual thought, behaviour and body patterns into more presence, choice and open energy flow. It is a tool we have with us wherever we are and can help us shift state in a matter of minutes. No wonder pranayama is one of the eight limbs of yoga, designed to lead us to liberation and a meaningful and purposeful life! 

In the morning, we will cover the anatomical, emotional and spiritual basics of breathing through different exercises which you can also use day-to-day and on the go. We will then dive deep into a longer breathwork session to experience your breath in a totally new way and where you will also increase your ability to hold space for others, on or off the mat. A breath-focussed asana practice will complete the day, integrating what you have learnt and experienced and embedding it in your asana practice.

This immersion into the breath is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more and deepen the transformational and spiritual aspects of their practice, as well as yoga teachers looking to grow their understanding of the breath and how to share this with their students. To book see below. Read more about our trainers here.

Practices For Pratyahara: meditation practice in daily life with Craig Norris - Tue 10th Oct 2017

More information coming soon...

Shifting perspectives through invigorating inversions with Tom Hamilton - Thu 16th Nov 2017

More information coming soon...

Diving Deeper Through The Power Of Touch with Eva Vajna - Tue 5th Dec 2017

More information coming soon...

Mindfulness Immersion with Ellika Benn - Tue 23rd Jan 2018

More information coming soon...