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The Yoga Edge teacher training programmes are taught by a group of first class trainers, who all have specific experience and operate at the top of their fields. They all share a passion for yoga, and are looking forward to supporting you on your journey. 


TOM HAMILTON - Lead trainer

Tom is the founding teacher and studio owner of The Yoga Edge, and is lead trainer on The Yoga Edge teacher training programme.  Tom is passionate about supporting new teachers find their voice, their style and develop into excellent teachers with great knowledge and skills to run transformative yoga classes.  Through setting up and running his own successful yoga business, teaching thousands of classes and supporting his own teachers, he has seen first hand what makes a compelling and engaging yoga class that is a positive force in people's lives.  He is particularly excellent at seeing people's strengths and giving clear and useful feedback to help bring out the best in people.  

Tom's style is direct and down to earth, he doesn't shy away from tough topics and his aim is to encourage and challenge all students to go deep and work to their edge (hence the name of his business, "The Yoga Edge"). Yet he is friendly, inclusive and compassionate, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.  

Tom will oversee the entire teacher training programme, and will lead on all the practical and teaching-related modules.  


CRAIG NORRIS - Anatomy & PhilosOphy

Craig is a senior teacher with The Yoga Edge with a wealth of experience from other schools and studios.  He has trained with a number of yoga lineages (including Forrest Yoga, Yoga Campus, Hot Power Yoga, and Satyananda Yoga School), and he has been the co-facilitator of numerous teacher trainings.  He is also a trained practitioner in Vortex healing and Vedic chanting.  His intention is to offer students the healing power of yoga so they can create more direction and change in themselves and their daily lives. 

Craig is much loved by students and trainee teachers for his radiant personality, bright meggings and contagious laugh!  He teaches advanced topics such as yogic philosophy, sanskrit and anatomy and physiology in a fun and accessible way.  

Craig will lead on the anatomy and philosophy modules, and will support other aspects of the programme. 



Ellika Benn - Subtle Body & ENERGETICS

Ellika is a learning and development professional. Her passion is to support people and organisations to transform, grow and achieve their fullest potential. She is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. Her subject matter specialisms include personal resilience and peak performance, mindfulness, leadership and skills like presentation skills, which are all relevant to trainee teachers.

Ellika is an experienced yoga teacher, having trained in a number of styles (and done countless retreats, intensives, workshops and regular practice since first discovering yoga in 1997). She is particularly fascinated by the subtler aspects of yoga, including the energetics of yoga, intelligent sequencing, and practising mindfully.

She will lead on the yogic approach to the subtle body and energetics and modules on teaching methodology.  She will also support other modules, including the personal transformation modules. 


Vanessa Dietzel - Personal Transformation

Vanessa has a unique combination of skills and experience, working both as an independent consultant and coach and as a breath work therapist and yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has a profound understanding of what it takes to create change, and how to do so in an easeful and lasting way.  

In her work, Vanessa comes from a strong conviction that the answers we all seek lie within ourselves. That may not be the selves we are identified with or the selves we present externally to others but a deeper sense of who we are at our core, what makes us unique, and what truly gives our life meaning and fulfilment. When we are connected to that inner core self, we are in the best possible position to make the decisions and take the actions to create the business, career or life that we desire. In her work, Vanessa forms a partnership of deep trust and respect with her clients to help them access this inner clarity, power and resourcefulness.

Vanessa will be leading on the personal transformation aspect of the programme.