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The Flying Seagull Project


Do something good for others!

It's an important part of yoga to think of others and act compassionately. Join us for a special yoga event on Sunday 15th May to raise money for The Flying Seagull Project - a charity doing amazing work providing clowns and entertainment for refugee children and families in dire need.  One of the founders of the charity is a keen yogi and a good friend of ours, so we know our support will make a real difference. 

This small non-political charity is made up of performers of all kind, from clowns to actors to acrobats. They have big hearts, big smiles, and are all getting out there and providing much welcomed relief in refugee camps (most recently Calais) and hospitals putting on free entertainment for the children and their families.

Read more about the charity here.

What will we do?

We will come together to practice 108 Sun Salutations led by Tom and Craig - with a warm up before and a lovely cool down and delicious guided yoga nidra (deep relaxation) at the end. 

Why 108?

108 has for a long time been considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga tradition. 


Date: Sunday 15th May 2016
Time: 4.30-6pm
At: The Yoga Edge Studio, Crystal Palace

"No way can I do 108!"

Yes you can! Yoga brings energy to the mind, body and soul. When you're in a group of people all breathing, moving and sigh'ing at the same time, all for a common cause, not only be able to do 108 but you'll want to do many more!

What's a Sun Salutation?

A sequence of poses practiced in a dynamic way using the breath. Very commonly used at the beginning of the yoga practice to build warmth and energy in the body.

How you can get involved

1. Book your place. Sign up and come along to this special event. 100% of your ticket price will be donated to The Flying Seagull Project. Ticket price is £15. (Tickets are non-refundable in the event of cancellation and membership discounts, vouchers and gift cards do not apply to this event.)

This event is now sold out. Please support those taking part with a donation to our JustGiving page for the event. Thank you!

The Flying Seagull Project is a registered charity no. 1152433, incorporated in England and Wales, and is a company limited by guarantee no. 8404014.

2. Help us fundraise. Please help us reach our goal of raising £700 for the charity. If you're taking part in the event, get your parents, grandparents, friends, work colleagues, your pet, anyone... to sponsor you in this challenge. If you can't attend but can still support us we'd be very grateful :). If all of our yogis gave just £2 each we could smash out target! Here is our JustGiving page for the event. Please share share share!!!!