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Real yoga, real people. We’re authentic, friendly and non-egoistical. Come and experience a new standard of teaching.


Tom Hamilton - Founder & Teacher Trainer

Tom is the founding teacher and owner of The Yoga Edge, and is lead facilitator on our 200hr teacher training programme. His style of teaching is clear and inclusive and aims to encourage and challenge all students to go deep and work to their edge. Students appreciate his friendly and down to earth approach.

Tom has a background in dance and has completed yoga trainings in Vinyasa, Power, Forrest and Anusara. He built The Yoga Edge from scratch starting with just one 'drop in' class a week, a handful of flyers, and the intention of spreading a modern, dynamic, and accessible style of yoga. Today, The Yoga Edge studio sees students practice every day of the week across two studios all led by Tom and his dedicated team of teachers.



Charlotte joined The Yoga Edge in 2015 seeking a physically challenging practice, but it was the therapeutic effects on the mind that kept her coming back. Each class became a moving meditation, offering respite from patterns of unhelpful thoughts. She realised that she wanted to incorporate yoga and its philosophies more fully into her life, and so completed her teacher training with Hot Power Yoga.

Charlotte is interested in sharing the healing benefits of yoga and hopes students will walk away from her class feeling lighter and brighter than when they arrived. Students like Charlotte for her clear and calm teaching style, and her gentle and understanding nature. Charlotte has also trained in Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga and is always looking for ways to grow her practice and her teaching, because 'yoga is the best investment you can make in yourself'.



Craig is a senior teacher with The Yoga Edge and is the co-facilitator on our 200hr teacher training. Craig teaches a fun yet powerful practice which draws on his wealth of knowledge in yoga, meditation, chanting and Sanskrit. Students enjoy his radiant personality, bright meggings and contagious laugh! His creative sequences, explore the edges of our practice and awaken every cell and pore in the body.

Before finding yoga Craig suffered with depression and had a lack of direction in his life. Yoga and meditation has given him great stability and opened up a journey of growth and insight. His intention is to offer students the healing power of yoga so they too can create more direction and change in themselves and their daily lives. 


Eva Vajna - TEACHER

Eva is a senior teacher with The Yoga Edge and facilitates on The Yoga Edge teacher training programme. Eva has been teaching foreign language at secondary level for 15 years so combining teaching and a passion for yoga was her ultimate dream. Eva has trained extensively with Hot Power Yoga and has completed the advanced Forrest Yoga training with Ana Forrest.

Before discovering yoga, Eva did cardiovascular and resistance training for 10 years. She arrived at a turning point in her life and decided to try out new physical activities that offered more than just a work-out. She was not sure what she was looking for but she knew she needed to learn a different approach to her body. She then went to a yoga class and describes the experience as ‘love at first sight’!

Eva's aim is to help people find balance in the busy city life and develop flexibility of body and mind, and to live with strength and honesty.



Julia is our resident baby, toddler, kids and teens yoga teacher. She passionately believes in sharing her love of yoga with people of all ages. Her warm and gentle nature creates a calm and welcoming class environment and she enjoys using her artistic background to add a sense of imagination and creativity to her classes. She has been practicing yoga since 2004 and has explored Ashtanga, Bikram and Power Yoga before discovering Dynamic Vinyasa and completing her teacher training at The Yoga Edge.
After a number of years in children’s education she embraced the urge to pursue her dream of teaching yoga to children on a full-time basis. Julia believes in the healing and growth that yoga can bring in all areas of life; physically, mentally and spiritually.


Negeen’s main aim when teaching is to pass on her love and passion for yoga and to provide students with an awareness of their inner power and higher self.  Her classes are clear and grounding and she offers students the opportunity to experience different layers in their practice, through the connection to breath and by incorporating elements of yogic philosophy into her teaching. To be present is one of the most important things Negeen has learnt through yoga, and she encourages students to be mindful and present as they practise. Students like Negeen for her warmth and inviting personality.  

Negeen is a passionate practitioner; she loves the heat, the self-discipline, the fluidity of the movements and the connection to breath! She trained as a teacher with Hot Power Yoga and continues to learn whenever she can.  



Letty guides students towards creating a stronger awareness to the self, both physically and mentally. Her teaching challenges students their edge, delivered in a clear and compassionate way. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies and approach their practice with an open heart and mind, creating space and freedom. 

Letty has always had a passion for movement and worked as a professional dancer before becoming a yoga teacher.  She studied contemporary dance at Trinity Laban and Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and toured and taught nationally and internationally. She trained with Hot Power Yoga, and loves to support students to experience the healing and deeper effects of yoga.  



Susie teaches a dynamic practice that takes students out of their heads and into their bodies, with a strong focus on breath. She is clear, well-paced and down to earth, with a friendly and inviting demeanour. Susie always encourages students to take a fresh look at their practice and enjoy testing their edge.

Susie’s yoga journey began as a natural progression after competing and coaching rhythmic gymnastics as a girl, and has been a hugely beneficial part of her life, helping her to recover from work-related injuries, and building strength and flexibility in all aspects of life. Having practised many types of yoga: Jivamukti, Hatha, Iyengar, her relationship to yoga really evolved after joining The Yoga Edge and connecting with their dynamic yoga style. Being part of this little family motivated her to take the leap into teaching that she had long been considering and she went on to qualify with Hot Power Yoga.


Jo Norton - TEACHER

Jo has been a full time yoga teacher since spring 2012. She started practising Bikram yoga in 2004 after struggling with anxiety for a long time. Her practice turned her life around and after 6 years of regular practice she felt very passionate about becoming a teacher herself. Since then she has also completed her Vinyasa teacher training at Hot Power Yoga and is returning to teaching after having a baby. She is also an actor and feels exceptionally grateful to be balancing two careers that she absolutely loves. Jo teaches a strong, dynamic class with lots of kindness and compassion.



Claire first encountered yoga during an eighteen-year career as a professional dancer and rehearsal director with leading companies across Europe. It was during this period that she developed her understanding of yoga to strengthen performance potential, health and a general sense of wellbeing in such a physically demanding profession. Her love of Yoga in all forms developed into a career path when she was invited to write and teach a Yoga course for postgraduate students at London Contemporary Dance School in 2011.

Claire has studied many styles of yoga in India and Europe and holds a Yoga Alliance teaching qualification; a Japanese Bodywork certification from The European School of Shiatsu; and an MA in Contemporary Dance. She encourages a mindful approach in a non-competitive environment. The flow of the class will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed.


Hannie Lyngved - TEACHER

Hannie first discovered power yoga at The Yoga Edge in 2013 and has been in and out of our doors ever since (we can’t get rid of her!). Having explored different styles of yoga in the past she managed to find a style of yoga that she truly loves. A practice which she feels gives her balance in her life and connection to her own intuition in a way that is open, honest and heartfelt.

She found The Yoga Edge after a google search and came along to her first class with her husband. Over a year of regular practice later, Hannie was set on taking it to the next level. She trained as a teacher with Hot Power Yoga which set her off on a journey into personal growth and discovery. She soon joined The Yoga Edge team and now has the joy of teaching her fellow students week after week. Hannie's mission is to spread the passion and inspiration that yoga has given her and to spark that hunger in her students so they can live to their full potential.



Caring and playful by nature, Lauren likes to share her love of yoga in a light-hearted and open way, encouraging students to try new things and bring some laughter to the mat. A typical Gemini, she loves working with other people and especially enjoys getting to know the students as they begin their yoga journey. She loves nothing more than encouraging students to explore the practice, guiding them through the physical postures of the class but more importantly, sharing what yoga really means to her – a welcome respite from our constantly chattering monkey minds. 

Lauren discovered yoga after moving to London via Sydney, and she especially enjoys a dynamic and varied vinyasa-style practice in the heat.  


Niki Püspöki - TEACHER

Lover of the 90’s, books and street art. Niki’s intention is to give from the heart, while bringing playfulness and humour into the practice. She truly believes that the yoga mat is the best mirror we can find. Niki has a warm, friendly and caring manner. Her classes are not only energising and fun, but also challenge the core while building focus. She encourages her students to keep growing and to trust their bodies.

Niki strongly believes in the power of the community and feels grateful to be able to share the love of yoga with others.

Niki started practicing at The Yoga Edge in 2014 and completed The Yoga Edge teacher training in 2017. She has a thirst for knowledge as well as an inquiring mind. Yoga helped her to unite her passion for teaching and reading. Niki aspires to continuously develop herself through trainings, books and by learning from fellow humans.